They don’t want me to be president, says Gigaba

Nov 5th, 2018 Sandisiwe 963 Views

JOHANNESBURG: Embattled Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba has attributed his recent political setbacks to sinister forces aimed at preventing him from becoming the next ANC leader – and subsequently state president.

Gigaba on Sunday said that he had spent the weekend visiting media houses to defend himself from his “hard-working enemies”. When asked why he thought there was a political campaign against him, Gigaba said his only conclusion was that “this concentration of attack” was linked to him one day becoming president.

“When this concentration of fury on a single individual happens it cannot be linked with anything else, it has to be linked with the fear that he has got to be stopped now,” he said. Gigaba has maintained that his hands are clean of any involvement in state capture activities involving the controversial Gupta family. Article: Bongani Hans