CPUT students ‘need history lesson’ after church arson

Sep 29th, 2017 Video360 858 Views

CAPE TOWN: St Mark’s Anglican church Reverend Austen Jackson said they are very sadden of what happened to the church. Judge Siraj Desai and Jackson visited the church for the first time on Friday in Zonnebloem after it was torched during protest by a small group of students and workers on Wednesday. 

Jackson said the fire on Wednesday partially damaged the under-croft of the church. 

“How this person entered we don’t know, but he allegedly came in and threw a petrol bomb.

“I doubt they understood or knew the historic significance of this church in District Six.

“This church has served this community for 130 years and been through the darkest days of apartheid when its residential community was obliterated,” said Jackson. Video by: Lubabalo Poswa/ ANA Pictures