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http://www.cars.co.za/?gclid=CJiejaa3ls4CFcaVGwodHv8P4g#.V5ofHvl97IUThe matter of the toilet in the U.S. presents governments and society with a progressive obstacle. Unavoidable, it is now visible. Recognition of the “third sex” has become mired in the most banal and unexpected space, the loo.
When one thinks about it, it is ironic and darkly humorous that Conservatives have chosen this place to make their battleground. Using the toilet is a universal human activity, and in the same way that it the public restroom is paradoxically also a private place, Conservatives use the argument against transperson integration here is that he/she could use it as a place for perverted and illegal sexual activities.

Cats scrumhalf Enrico Januarie on the attack during the Super 14 clash against the Chiefs at Ellis Park, Johannesburg, Friday, 17 February 2006. The Cats won 21 -16. Picture: SAPA stringer