Working out with celebrities

Feb 21st, 2017 Londiwe Gumede 939 Views

In the past few years there has been a frenzy of pop up aerobics classes happening in and around Durban.  Ques fitness club has grown to the point where they rub shoulders with huge names, like workoutaholic Sbahle ‘The Fitness Bunny’ Mpisane.

The club located in the township of Umlazi has become the backbone for many, who want to live a healthy and fit life. On a week the club gets around 80 plus people attending to try and burn the weight they have gained, while some attend to gain some strength and the willpower to persevere.  

The instructors work hard to push the whole class to accomplish the set workout.  All workout dedicate to working the main body areas that people have problems in.

Founder Qiniso Mavundla describes the workouts ‘boot camp’ like because they push you til you want to reach out for your goal instead of listening to that inner voice that prompts you to give up.

Military push ups in support of the PTSD they go through after protecting our beautiful country making we safe here at home

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At the very end of most sessions, a located time to get to know each other is set aside. Here Mavundla shares inspirational life stories that motivate hard work, gives direction and respect of who ever one come across.

Team building session

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The sessions also motivate unemployed youth to keep on pushing for a better outlook on life.