#30PlusAppreciation Life begins at 30?

Jan 16th, 2017 MoJo 873 Views

Life begins at 30? #30PlusAppreciation 
According to these celebrities it does and they are here to prove just that with the #30PlusAppreciation trend.
Look at the Masina twins! 
Presenter Sade didn’t want to miss the wave, from YoTV to slaying 30! 

Here is someone else who is flourishing in her 30ties, Lebo we also see that fro.

Thembi Seete makes everyone want to hit the gym. She is a flame, a 39 year old flame to be exact. Talk about Ripley’s believe it or not.  

Greed and Desires Gail Mabalane is also stunning #32 
Even though some of us are not 30 yet and cannot post our #30PlusAppreciation pictures just like these individuals we are loving this hastag.

For those of us who are feeling left out, Twitter peeps please start a #Before30 trend