Woman assault in Table View

Dec 1st, 2017 Video360 1035 Views

CAPE TOWN: ALLEGATIONS of vagrants being attacked and assaulted by the Table View Neighborhood Watch has surfaced. It’s emerged that the neighborhood watch has allegedly being attacking vagerances while doing late night patrols. “I do patrols late at night and I have a dash camera in my vehicle and late on a Thursday night I saw a woman walking and the neighborhood watch members surrounding her and started hitting her,” Gavin Paul said.

The incident took place at around 22h48 when the vehicles surrounded the woman. The woman in the video is Olivia Olyn who lives in Happy Valley said she was attacked for no apparent reason, “they surrounded me and started hitting me and kicking, hitting me and punched me,” she explained. Olyn also said that moment before they attacked her they sprayed her with pepper spray.
“I was so angry and I was so confused why would they do this to me?” she said. Video: Supplied/ Story by: Marvin Charles