Why Public Sector Choice condoms changed to “Max”?

May 7th, 2018 Video360 944 Views

Miriam Mhoza, Country Director of Society for Family Health (SFH) explains the process their team took in order to re-brand the Public Sector condoms from Choice to “Max”. The community feedback and perception of the Choice condom is what brought about the re-branding. “In order to get people to use the freely accessible condom ,we asked them what they would like and enjoy, to give it some sort of status and something they are not afraid of taking out in front of their partners”, said Mhoza. The director also explained that there has been great response regarding Max condoms, distributing the condoms in unconventional spaces . SFH along with the government, has given the Max condom a new look. They come in fresh new colours and four different flavors with exciting smells, grape ,banana ,strawberry and regular.