What Twitter thought of the #BBNaija accents

Jan 23rd, 2017 Thobeka Ngema/mojoIOL 820 Views

WARNING ⚠️ #BBNaija pic.twitter.com/YQ71dcn36m

— Big Brother Naija (@BigBroNigeria_) January 22, 2017


The beauty of the accents in the house:

#BBNaija the ppl in the house are original no fake accents..I'm loving ito…S.A

— Maxwell Mkhaliphi™ (@DumisaMkhaliphi) January 23, 2017


The Big Brother housemates be spicing up the house like…. 😂 #BBNaija pic.twitter.com/1NasixSWWE

— Anderson (@LazyWrita) January 22, 2017


Day 1. Accents would drop by 30%. Beauty would drop by 45%. Drama should pick up by 15%. #BBNaija

— amyluv (@amydee01) January 23, 2017


Do multiple accents count?

#BBNaija how many countries is Uriel from? I've counted about 12 accents out of that mouth.

— IGI (@Ignatius_Sensei) January 23, 2017


This Uriel girl is playing Mdu on us with all these acsents #BBNaija

— uBabes weGap (@_msrata) January 23, 2017


What about questionable accents?

#BBNaija I don't think all of Gifty's accents woke up with her this morning..slow and steady, it shall be a thing of the past.

— Estee (@stelljo) January 23, 2017


#BBNaija that Edo girl with rings every part of her body
When she falls down she will sound like stainless steel

— Dubem (@Richardodubiex) January 23, 2017


Why is this girl's accent fluctuating like the exchange rate? #BBNaija

— J.Rice (@_Toluwase) January 22, 2017


#BBNaija By next week, all fake accents shall pass away and all things shall become new.

— Estee (@stelljo) January 22, 2017