Warming up for the RCS Gugulethu Race

Nov 8th, 2017 Video360 1127 Views

CAPE TOWN: RCS Gugulethu Athletics Club chairperson Thobile Gladwell Ndzube shares the success story behind the RCS Gugulethu Reconciliation Day Race, set to take place in December. 

With the RCS Gugulethu Race set to take place in Gugulethu on December 16, the chairperson of the athletics club, Thobile Gladwell Ndzube, said he was excited to share the memory of how the race was initially formed.
The RCS Gugulethu Athletics Club was started in 1992. Ndzube joined in 1996, and a year later became chairperson.

They had about 45 members at the time and decided to expand across Gugulethu, recruiting young athletes and female runners. Video by: Tracey Adams