Summer: The snake season

Dec 1st, 2016 MoJo 781 Views

ER24’s spokesperson, Russel Meiring said that if you get bitten by
a snake, keep calm and remain still, call the paramedics and allow the doctor
to treat the bite.


“Do not apply a tourniquet (to compress blood circulation), do not
try to suck out the venom, do not cut the wound any more open  with a knife and do not apply ice”, Meiring


If you come across a snake, be advised not to make any sudden
moves, back away slowly and do not throw any sticks and stones.


Snakes to look out for include the cape cobra, boomslang, puff
adder and black spitting cobra that can  blind a person within 15 mins.
 Meanwhile, the mole snake, which is often mistaken for the black mamba,  is has no venom  and is  harmless.

People are advised to keep their homes as clean
as possible in order to prevent rodents from hiding in them , because rodents
attract snakes .  

Meiring also said,”If you are visiting an
area where you know dangerous snakes live, read about them so you will know
what they look like”.