Snakes like Summer too!

Jan 17th, 2017 MoJo 845 Views

Snakes like Summer just as much as we do, and are less than a threat to us than we think. However, many people fear snakes and react aggressively causing the snake to reciprocate.
According to snake expert, Nick Evans, not all snakes are venomous. The snake with potent venom is the boomslang-which is found in the greater Durban areas, but mainly on the outskirts. The snake with the deadliest bite in the Durban area is the black mamba because it’s venom works fast.
“Never approach a snake. Don’t try and kill it or catch it because you are putting yourself at risk. There would be a good chance of you been bitten if you go near the snake,” says Evans.

Evans advises people to keep calm during a snake encounter and move away slowly. Contact your local snake catcher to safely remove the snake.
If you spot a snake nearby or in your home, you can contact Nick Evans on 072 809 5806.