Penny Penny rules out equality

Jan 19th, 2017 MoJo 834 Views

During the second episode, which aired Wednesday evening, Penny Penny showed how much feminism is not an ideal topic in the musician’s household.

Eric Nkovani, who goes by the name Penny Penny,  wakes up and requests breakfast from his wife who kindly obliges.  He then heads to town for a meeting. When he returns, he asks his wife Suzan why she has not cooked, because he needs to eat, especially since he is the man and provider in the house. He goes  on to emphasize that there is no equality in his house, “there is not 50/50 in this home”.

People laughed off his treatment of his wife when she gave him polony sandwiches:

However, Penny Penny shared a loving moment with his mother, who is wife number 15 in from his father’s 27 wives. Tweeps shared how much they enjoyed to watch their loving moment together:

While others just liked his confidence: