Paxton’s fans slam cyber bullies over nasty memes

Oct 10th, 2018 Sandisiwe 821 Views

CAPE TOWN: “Idols SA” winner Paxton Fielies has become a victim of harassment and cyber-bullying on Facebook again.
And although the recently turned 18-year-old claims she “isn’t bothered” by the nasty memes, her fans are not taking it lying down and have called for the page called “P**s Funny” to be shut down. Paxton, who is the face of the Western Cape Department of Education’s anti-bullying campaign along with radio DJ Carl Wastie, previously revealed online bullies made death threats against her following her win on Idols.

She told the Daily Voice on Tuesday: “Here we go again with the memes… never fazed me. ”P**s Funny has posted a number of distasteful memes of Paxton, mocking her looks and hair, and her background growing up in Bishop Lavis. The memes were created by “SuZPekT”. Article: Venecia Valentine.