Drama over Woolies fitting-room camera

Nov 19th, 2018 Tamryn Christians 818 Views

DURBAN: A Woolworths shopper has caused a stir after taking a picture of a surveillance camera inside one of the cubicles at the ladies’ fitting rooms at Woolworths in the Pavilion Shopping Centre, in Durban, and posting it on Facebook.
Woolworths has responded, saying the cameras are fixed and do not focus inside the cubicles.

The shopper, who does not want to be named, tagged Woolworths South Africa in a post saying: “Hey WOOLWORTHS, what’s up with the cameras in the fitting rooms of your Pavilion Shopping Centre store? Are you usually in the business of invading the privacy of your customers?”

This is not the first time people have expressed concern over the issue.

In April 2016, Tambo okaDumiso from Richards Bay tweeted that there were cameras inside the ladies’ fitting room. Woolworths responded, saying the camera focused on the fitting room desk, not inside the fitting rooms. However, the camera was covered up a few days later.