City’s response on the hot cross buns video making rounds on social media

Apr 18th, 2019 john 1022 Views

CAPE TOWN: “The City notes a video doing the rounds on social media and instant messaging related to the consumption of hot cross buns and providing a false reading on a breathalyzer device”, said Alderman JP Smith.

“While we do not know the origin of the video, we are aware that this issue has come up before in Australia.”

Smith said: It must also be noted that the device used in the video is only a hand-held screening device and that the proper breath test which is submitted to court is done with a far more sophisticated machine.

That said, for the record:

Yeast converts sugar into carbon dioxide and ethanol, the latter which would be detected by a breathalyzer.

The reading will only apply immediately after eating the food. And, while such a reading would probably be correct, the reality is that, if checked just 10 minutes later, the reading will likely revert to zero.

“We would like to put the public’s mind at ease by reminding everyone that a handheld breathalyzer is not the only means used to determine sobriety. Officers are also trained to observe the behaviour of a motorist, including their speech and ability to walk or remain upright, etc.

Also, to confirm that a motorist is under the influence, an evidentiary breath sample using a prescribed EBAE device is required; or, alternatively, a blood sample. These are the only means of evidence that can be presented in a court of law”.