Cape hikers stripped, stabbed and robbed

Oct 5th, 2018 Sandisiwe Ntlemeza 767 Views

CAPE TOWN: The summer season hasn’t properly started yet and criminals are already scouring Cape Town’s hiking trails to prey on hikers.

The police confirmed a mugging incident which took place on Thursday at Newlands Ravine where four victims, aged between 31 and 58, were held at knifepoint by a group of five attackers who tied them up, stripped them and robbed them of all their possessions.

Spokesperson FC van Wyk said three of the four victims were stabbed during the attack, and the eldest was rushed to hospital. He added that four suspects had been promptly arrested. “Cape Town Central Police members arrested four suspects between the ages of 20 and 27. The police are still searching for the fifth suspect, who ran away in the direction of a residential area with the victims’ cellphones and cash,” said Van Wyk.

Police recovered clothes and takkies belonging to the victims that were in the possession of the four suspects, as well as a silver flick knife, car-breaking implements and one large, self- made Allen key in possession of a suspect. Article: Zodidi Dano