Nasty C Movie Premier.

Mar 10th, 2017 Masabata Mkwananzi 1020 Views

Last night was all about “the Golden child of Mabala Noise” Nasty C, as fans
gathered at  Ster-Kinekor’s The Zone in
Rosebank , to show their love and support for 
the young rapper at  his movie

The rapper launched his cinematic career as a tribute to his
mother, Veliswa

It was all glitz and glamour as Mabala Noise put all stops for
an experience of a night, from the VIP settings of  Ster-Kinekor’s Cine Prestige , to local muso’s
showing their love,: from  the likes of
Nomuzi Mabena, Miss Cosmo, Jessica Nkosi and Slikour , to mention just a few.

The preview consisted of a series of Nasty C music videos, from
his album Bad Hair Extensions. The show opens with a narration, followed by a
song titled “UOK” on which he raps about his mother.

“We just wanted to take our creativity to the next level and not
let anything limit us in terms of boundaries and respecting the laws of
shooting a music video and everything like that. We just did not want to do
anything stereotypical and I think we achieved that” he said

He added that the short film resonates with him the most because
it speaks about his life experiences and, for the fact that he dedicates the
film to his mother, shows that he acknowledges her and feels that she watching
over him in spirit.

The rapper wants people to know that he values the arts and that
this project is not only about shooting a music video with sophisticated
technology: it is about getting the message across.

Nomuzi Mabena, who was at the preview had a few words to share
on the event.

“I thought it was really amazing – a big shout out to Nasty C
and Kyle Lewis.  It was great to see him
in that position.  I think for a long
time we have never doubted that musically he is talented but we were just
waiting for that extra something to really propel him to the next level” said